Anderson Creek and Moore Creek Falls

Nestled in the trees just off the main road, Anderson and Moore Creek Falls are family friendly walks that everyone will find exciting. Located just south of Kitimat, the viewing area for both falls are well maintained and with proper direction, are easy to find. These short trips make an excellent afternoon outing for everyone from locals, to people simply passing through. to reach the falls, drive south from Kitimat towards the Rio Tinto Smelter, along Haisla Blvd, and then onto Smelter Site Rd. Use the Haisla Bridge as your “0” on your odometer.

Since the construction of the Kitimat Modernization Project, the trail to Anderson Creek Falls has become slightly altered, and will no doubt be altered once again when construction is completed. Instead of accessing it from the road, you must park in the contractor parking lot. At the rear of the parking lot is the double track path leading to the falls. It is the only other road out of the parking lot so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. The parking lot is roughly 5.7km from the Haisla Bridge in Kitimat. The trail is only about 200m long and is completely flat. Follow the double track as it narrows and ducks beneath some trees before it soon emerges at the falls. From the viewing area you can really appreciate what the winderness in this area looks like. Even 200m into the forest you can almost completely forget where you had come from. A natural pool forms at the base of the falls before the water is carried off to the ocean.

Anderson Falls from viewing area

Anderson Creek Falls from viewing area

Anderson Creek Falls from the rock face below

Anderson Creek Falls from the rock face 

Moore Creek Falls is located approximatly 7.2km from the Haisla Bridge along Smelter Site Rd. The trail for these falls is slightly less obvious as it had been deemed “closed” by Rio Tinto. Along the right hand side of the road, look for a red and white Rio Tinto property sign that stands in front of the trailhead. The falls can be heard from the road as they are a mere 20m up the hill. These falls are slightly larger than Anderson Creek Falls up the road, but seem to carry less energy. If you choose to access these falls, I do not recommend following the trail past the viewing area. The trail continues to the top of the falls where a rope is anchored to help you get to a small pool that is situated above the main falls. Smaller falls are located beyond this pool, but are not easily accessable. The trail down to the pool is extremely eroded and should not be travelled by anyone as it will further degrade the environment.


Moore Creek Falls


Moore Creek Falls from the viewpoint

The ecosystems in these creeks is extremely fragile, meaning that swimming and recreational activities in the creeks and pools should be avoided at all costs. Both streams are used by local fish for spawning and are strictly monitored by Rio Tinto and the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans for any changes in the function and suitability of the creek. Due to the sensitivity of these areas, it is no doubt that all measures are being taken to protect the homes of these animals for years to come. If you do visit these areas, be respectful of what is there and leave everything as you found it.

Happy trails.

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